Am I a denier? I really don’t think so. Who can deny that the climate is changing? What really sets us apart from the alarmists is that most of us know that most, if not all, of climate change is only natural variations. I started researching this a few years back because I wanted to know the truth. I did not have a particular truth that I was looking for, I just did not want to be lied to and I suspected I was. So I began researching the problem. I delayed launching into discussion about the politics as long as possible, simply because I did not understand enough of it to contribute to a discussion, though I had many questions.

We can all agree that there has been a net warming in the temperature trend at the rate of .6C per century. We can also agree that this has resulted in a reduction of the polar ice cap area at the rate of .02 per year and we can agree that there has been a sea level rise of about .17M per century. These three things seem consistent with a warming temperature trend. Fair enough.

However, what should be happening? Is a warming trend in the middle of an inter-glacial not to be expected. Why is this inter-glacial so much colder than the previous 4 inter-glacials. How much of this is natural and how much of this is man made, and how are we able to differentiate between the two. And what of the future? Will it continue to warm or will the inter-glacial finally come to an end and the long steady cooling period take over where the northern hemisphere will once again be blanketed by glaciers several kilometers thick?

Then there is the evidence. CO2 driven climate change should clearly show cause and affect. The monotonic growth of CO2 in the atmosphere should be represented in the temperature record, but it is not – the temperature record is instead showing cycles of warming and cooling, as it always has. The burning of fossil fuels has been one of explosive geometric growth since the second world war,  yet the growth of CO2 in the atmosphere continues to be monotonic at the same level as before the war, seemingly unaffected by the use of fossil fuels. Where is the proof of these claims? Yet natural causes for climate change are clearly in evidence, as scientists have given us an extremely detailed history of the planets climate already through the study of proxies.