600 Million Years


Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 9.46.12 PM
600 million years of temperature change. Be sure to note that temperature and CO2 levels move independently without any apparent correlation between them.

Here we have a graph of world temperature over time, but this one spans 600 million years. The temperatures in the graph is ranging from +12C to +22C.  Apart from a couple of dips in temperature like our current situation, for the majority of the 600 million years, the temperature stood around +22C and the graph makes that look pretty much like the norm. However, something has been making the temperature drop slowly for the past 65 million years. Where our current temperature sits, down close to +12 is pretty close to as low as it ever gets and this is way below the norm for the planet. Just to restate that simple fact – our current temperature is way below normal for the planet.